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Azreal's Armory

Belts & Collars


Equipment Cases

Horse Tack

Hunting & Outdoors

Misc Items

Necklaces and Chokers

Purses & Bags


Sheaths & Holsters

Exotic Items



1.  This was a belt ordered to match a set of western tack I made which is pictured under the tack section.  it's stamped with flowers that were hand painted, and then vines that were hand carved in.  The buckle, keeper, and belt tip are a matching set.


2.  This belt was hand braided using a 6 strand flat braid.  Thought not too clear the belt buckle was attached in the "Ranger" style where the buckle is on a separate piece over the rest of the belt, allowing a smaller buckle on a wider belt.  (see 8 for a clearer picture of the braid pattern)


3.  This was a belt was made of 2 rows of the box pattern chain connected by rings underneath.  The ends were leather for the buckle and holes.


4.  This belt was made for a renaissance outfit.  It's a flat pattern connecting 3 inch loops, that then have box pattern draped between them. 


5.  This was a matching set of belts made for an avid hunter and his son, the repeating pattern of stamps are a jumping buck, a stone arrowhead, and a cougar's head.


6.  The upper and lower lines of this belt are done with a barbwire pattern and painted a metallic silver.  The writing itself is done with the Runic alphabet and painted red to stand out.


7.  This belt was made with rivets of flaming skulls set into it along it's length.  The buckle was a matching image.


8.  This is a dog collar done in the 6 strand flat braid with a brass buckle.


9.  This dog collar was fitted with synthetic turquoise rivets set into 1 inch spots of Celtic knot work.


This pattern was done with one tool being turned various directions over and over, each curved piece is 1 inch long. The dye was applied carefully to leave the stamped area the natural color. The buckle set matches a Concho I put on a cell phone case shown on the equipment cases page to make a full set.


This is a gun belt that I made.