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Azreal's Armory

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Exotic Items



1.  This is a simple black choker carved for decoration for a friend, it has twisted wire stamped into it and painted metallic silver.  The emblem in the center was hand carved and painted as was the ones on the ends.

Angel's Choker


2.  This necklace was custom made for the customer.  it's a box pattern chain with a 7 inch "dag" hanging down the front and 2 smaller ones on either side. It's made of stainless chain rings.

Angel's Necklace


3.  This choker was made of light leather with real snakeskin stitched over the front of it. 

Snake Choker


4.  This is a spiral chain choker.

Spiral Choker


5.  These were 2 medallion's furnished to me and I was asked to braid the cords they hang from.  A 4 strand round braid out of light lace making a very tight firm rope like piece.

PK's Necklaces


6.  These were a set of hand made medallions.  They are actually leather cut, died, and carved.  They were special made for someone with a metal allergy with a stainless steel ring to connect them.  The cords are again the 4 strand round braid of lace.

Merci's Medallions


7.  These were another set ordered with the cord of lace.  Though unclear the leather squares are stamped with a side facing Indian with a full war headdress.

Lana's Necklaces