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Azreal's Armory

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1. 2. 3.  This is a set of show tack I made for a western rider, the breast collar, bridle and reigns are all hand made, to match the belt seen in the belt section.  The flowers are all stamped and hand painted while the vines are all hand carved by knife and painted in.  All the buckles and hardware including the center ring on this breast collar were special ordered with engraving.


4.  This halter was made of double layer leather all hand stitched and hand stamped with the barbwire pattern.  The only strap that didn't double layer or get stamped was the strap going over back of the head.  It had a buckle as well as a snap on the neck strap.

5.  This Bridle was made for a draft mule.  The blinders are roughly 5x5 and have a piece of metal sandwiched between the leather to help stiffen them  The strap connecting them lets you control how wide apart they are. 

6.  This simple halter called either a grooming halter or turn-out halter is simply a nose band, a rolled chin strap with a ring on it, and 2 straps that run up the cheeks and have a buckle on one side.  This is favored by stable owners for morning turn outs to pasture. 

7.  This large piece was a halter made for a Percheron.  The straps are 1 1/2 inches wide, and it needed to be lengthened a bit more than the store bought halters were.  It's all single layer construction, but the leather is Very thick and the stitches very strong.  This was made in a matching set with 2 regular halters for Tennessee walking horses.

8.  This is a horse collar, it has 2 "O" rings and a loop and ring on it as well.  These are handy for cross-tying horses when you need to do something with it's head. Or if you have to take the halter off to put the bridle on and the horse tends to walk away.


This light 1/2 inch wide breast collar is made for an English saddle, it s double layered of a medium thickness leather adding strength and durability while keeping stylish and has hand stitching all along the edges