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Azreal's Armory

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Exotic Items



1.  This is a baldric designed to hold a Japanese style sword in an upright position in the middle of the back for a martial arts instructor.  The straps went around the chest and over the shoulders, all 3 being adjustable for a better fit.  The center piece had one fixed strap and one adjustable strap to hold the sword securely in place.

2.  This is a barrette made with the customers initials and a hand carved image of the Tennessee Walking  Horses.

3.  This is a chain candle holder made for hanging candles that come in glass bowls or even the square glass holders.  This one looks a little old as it's one of my galvanized steel projects and I haven't made one of the stainless yet.  The chains supporting it can be made to a requested length and overall the piece is rather light weight.

4.  key chain tag, the edges are laced with a braided pattern of lace.

5.  Miniature saddle, this is roughly 5 inches long and 6 inches high, this one was covered in hand carving and painted to the customers wishes, others could be done as well.