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Azreal's Armory

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               Hello there My name is Charlie and I've been doing chain work for  ten years now and leather for three years.  I've done many pieces in chain and leather as can be seen here on this site, and will be adding more as they are made. 


               I got my start in chain out of a long standing curiosity in medieval arms and armor, which naturally lead to the chain work.  I learned to make the armor pattern, then on to making the decorative patterns, and now how to combine them.  I had always had an interest in leather working but a few years ago I  was privileged enough to get an apprenticeship to a leather worker who had done the craft for 25 years.  He felt I was ready to move onto my own work when I was done there and I have decided to try my hand at it. 


               My leather work is hand stitched as I do not have the fancy machines, nor do I really want them.  All of the leather I use is bought in hide form and cut and trimmed by hand, nothing pre-punched, or made of pressed leather here, and no cheap vinyl substitutes.


               I require a 50% down payment on most items as proof your serious on commitment to them.  when I have it done I'll require the second half before shipping.  A some orders are of sensitive subject matter, I assure privacy. 


               When possible I hope for a picture showing someone wearing or using the items I make, if not possible I understand, but if  it is possible but wish to have the faces covered, I can do that as well. 


               Enjoy your browsing, the prices are not listed as pending your order specifics the price can change, and in certain cases bartering is accepted. I might get a standardized price listing up soon.