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This page has the various items I've made for hunting and outdoor recreation.

These are the shoulder padding of rifle slings, they are thickly padded with 2 layers of Neoprene with a lighter leather backing on them.  The slings can be drawn tight with a sliding piece to adjust instantly.  The images are hand carved and painted and can be of any outdoor scene.


This is a basket weave handle I did on a walking stick, the strips are glued down as I work so the grip does not slide or shift when holding it.

These saddle bags were made to mount on the back of a bike, they measure 10x11x3 and made of a sturdy leather.  They require a frame of sorts behind them so not to push into the tire.  Holes were made for the bolts at top so that there would still be a place to use the elastic cord that ties things to the top of the rack.