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Here I'll be listing the various Repairs I've done on various leather goods.

This breast collar is a western show piece, when I received it the leather was cracking and dry, the center strap broke off just below the stitches.  I replaced the center strap cleaned and polished the silver and worked some leather conditioner into the other pieces to make them usable again.



The next is a saddle I was asked to work on, All I had to do was replace the tie straps and make them longer on front and back all the way around, then I was asked to make a new cinch strap replacing the worn nylon one




This is a different saddle for the same owner, I was asked to replace the tie on straps as well as make them go through the jockeys instead of stapling to the outside.  I replaced the straps as well as the slotted conchos holding them on.  I was also asked to make a cinch strap for this one as the last one had broke.