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This is my selection of Exotic product I have made over the years.  I can make them to measure, add hand carved images and symbols as well as add locking buckles, lining, and padding, custom colors can also be achieved. 

These are a set of nipple clips I was asked to add a custom spiral chain between, adding a better look and more weight.


This was a light posture collar made out of a flexible but still firm leather, it was double layered and made to be a training tool for both movement and to later be upgraded to a heavier posture collar.

A standard collar and cuff set, it's 1 1/2 inches wide, and can be customized to fit the buyers needs


This chain collar is about 1 1/2 inches wide, has outer rows of Byzantine chain with an inner row of spiral.  The ends were D rings that hooked together with a padlock.



This hand braided flogger measures over 2ft, with the 15 falls measureing 18 inches.  The falls are a soft leather made firm by being done into a 4 strand round braid, and the handle is wrapped in a tight basket weave.  The ends all fold together in the braid so they can't be seen, with the handle having a core of wood under the leather.  This was an impact flogger with the ridges of the braids leaving lines that looked severe but cleared up in less than a half hour to leave no lasting marks

This heavy collar was part of a set, including matching cuffs and a chain leash.  The collar and cuffs are 2 inches wide and lined with a lighter leather to not be so rough on the skin.  The chain pattern is box on the edges with 4-1 flat connecting them, and the leash was box pattern with a leather handle.  The chain was only connected to the leather on the ends and made so that when the collar or cuffs were taken off the leather itself could be reached for cleaning.

A "kitten" slave collar, with stamped and hand painted images of cats curled up on either side of the D ring, and "kitten" stamped into the leather beside that.  On either side was a 1 inch square pyramid spot, with the collar being 1 1/2 inches overall.

A "puppy" slave collar that had 1 1/4 inch spikes, was 1 1/2 inches wide and had chain draped between the spikes and D, and not connected to the leather itself.

These pictures are of my first pony girl harness made, it's straps are 1 inch wide with the belt being 3 1/4 wide.  The belt was done in 2 pieces so that the harness could be hooked on to the exact center front and back, as well as the top and belt being detachable.   The tail pictured next to it was also detachable so not to get in the way of certain activities.  The tail itself was made from a wig to match the hair of the owner. 


This is a heavier posture collar being 4 inches at the front and narrowing to just over 3 on the sides.  It's made of a very stiff and hard leather and allows no movement of the head, the 3 D rings are 1 1/2 inch and held firmly in place by heavy leather as well which only adds to the firmness of the collar.


This collar and cuff set were made with the hand carved and painted images of the Dom's personal marks.  They are 1 1/2 inches wide and the marks were carved to stand out from the rest of the leather.

This shield is a nipple shield, intended to be held in place by a piercing, it was a lighter but stiff leather and was formed to be bent back from the center hole a bit to form to the breast.


This 1 inch collar was made for looks and function, it's a heavy leather with the hearts hand carved in, with them and the initials of the wearer hand painted in pink.  The color can't be seen well here but it is a dark purple color instead of black.